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Monthly Specials

Get $10 off vaccinations all month long.


Your pet needs to be vaccinated against contagious disease. Different vaccines last different amounts of time depending on the age and health status of your animal.   Your pet's  vaccinations are based on their level of exposure to diseases.  Just taking your pet out for exercise can expose them.   Our veterinarian will assess the current health status of your pet and discuss the best protection for your pet with you.

February is Dental Health Month

Holy halitosis!  What's that smell?!


All Dental procedures are 25% off.


Dental cleanings starting around $200, including anesthesia.  We do the same cleaning that your hygienist does.  A dental cleaning is not complete or healthy without a polish.  Polishing smooths the enamel and eliminates the places where bacteria can hide and grow. Only a veterinarian can clean and polish your pets' teeth and periodontal tissue.  Dental health leads to a healthier life and a  longer lifespan.  The published rate of dental disease in animals is 100%.  

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January Special is Vaccinations