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Monthly Specials

Cat Castrations are 25% off.

Male castrations are less than $50!

We recommend castration at 6 months of age, just before puberty.  Male behaviors, like fighting, roaming and spraying, develop because of testosterone levels beginning in puberty. Castration can lessen or eliminate these behaviors. The longer your male is intact the more he learns these behaviors. Males are healthier after castration with less incidence of testicular or perineal cancer or prostate diseases. Call and schedule your appointment.

September Special

Dog  spays are 25% off!  

Female ovariohysterectomy starting as low as $93.50. Extra charge for in heat, pregnant or overweight dogs. Spayed females don't come into heat. There are significant health benefits for your spayed female.  Reduce the risk of an infected uterus or pyometra, a life threatening illness. A female dog spayed before her first heat is at 20 times less risk for breast cancer in her lifetime. Call and schedule your appointment.

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August Special