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We happily offer low rates for senior citizens and great monthly deals!

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Our pet grooming services offer you the chance to get the grooming care your dog needs from the team at Hilmar Animal Hospital that you already know.

The main part of our pet grooming appointments is making sure your dog's fur is clean and healthy with pet brushing, haircuts and hair removal from the ears.

Regular grooming gives the opportunity to ensure your pet is kept safe irritating fleas and dangerous ticks. Each grooming appointment includes flea and tick dips.

Paw pedicures

Dental care

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It can be difficult - or sometimes impossible - to trim your dog's nails on your own. Let our grooming professionals trim and shape your pet's nails for you!

Don't forget about the pearly whites! You might not think about your pooch's dental care, but it's just as important as yours, which is why we offer teeth cleaning for your pet.

Grooming appointments are available! Call today to schedule your pet's visit and learn more about our other great services, including pet boarding and vet care.

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